Tijuana Panthers

Hmm. Nearly a month under my belt. A belt I have reduced to hemp twine after I had a treatyoself session with a pair of Bryrs. Damn you, black leather combo and the way you make me totter about like a pre-teen geisha-in-training.

This month has been one massive motherf*ckin Shift. I share-vom personal observances such as this and people quip, " Saturn Returns!" I thought I did that at 27? Is this Back to the Future? Don't make me.

JPEG image-5937879CB3F9-1.jpeg

I had a fair predilection November would be a steamroller; I'm grateful for it and was NOT trying to wish my days away. But I was a little hasty for Nov 25. Heading south for Big Sur, MVP and energetic center, tomorrow through Sunday with Jacob's absurdly attractive nuclear family. I'm going to read books! I'm going to drink white wine at 11am! I'm going to hike for hours, maybe even while drinking white wine at 11am!

But what I'm really going to do is start thinking about the six-month plan. One-year, two-years, FIVE. Outlines and opportunities for emotional health are phenomena I am loathe to dismiss.

p.s. working out a new juke with tracks for you to take home.