THE TOPLINE: Eothen is a woman-owned, small-business focusing on bringing conscious, mindful beauty to others by the way of dreamy flowers and open hearts. We are creating financial momentum by offering our flowers and services for pre-purchase at substantial discount, to be used at any time by the patron. Your support allows us to grow our business, and make our dreams come true.


THE STORY: This may look like a fully established place of commerce, but if we're looking hard at the calendar - Eothen was founded Nov 1 2015.

disclaimer: I've been politely standing on tiptoes, edging on the outskirts and peering over much taller people at this thing since I was nine-yrs-old making flower stew in Lincolnton, NC backyard. But, as far as the IRS is concerned, Nov 1 2015.

Believe me when I say that we are incredibly grateful for the love and support sent our way, and now we're ready to get serious. And dangerous! Within REASON. The lease on our studio turns over to us on Feb 29 2016. We have so much to do, and this is where BIG DREAMS come in.

THE MOVEMENT: We are raising $15,000 by Feb 28 2016 to support a renewal of our studio space, build a strong foundation for our business and fund the purchase of amazing infrastructure from which Studio Choo, our mentor, is offering to part ways. BIG DREAMS makes for a long list, a start of which are below:

- overhaul our cutting garden to grow heirloom and antique varieties of flowers and plants

- install a drip irrigation system and lift a retaining wall 

- create a Shade House with a misting wall for ferns and mosses

- continue studio improvements, such as studio repairs and utility sink installation

- refresh our gardening and flowering supplies

- install a community space on our back patio for fellow creatives to enjoy

- purchase a delivery van to drive up and down the California coast for weddings and events

- pay our people! expand our staff!

- support our current infrastructure of supplies and equipment

- invest in a new mulching and compost system to support an environmentally mindful business practice

- a big beautiful mirror to use for bridal bouquet making, and to make sure we don't look totally crazy before leaving the studio

- create a successful, long-lasting internship curriculum

- continue our work connecting local farmers and growers with the Bay Area floral industry

THE CATALYST: Your purchase of the BIG DREAMS gift card is at a substantially discounted value, (up to 25%)  - never to expire and to be used towards any Eothen service at any time our calendar permits. What this value could go towards for you and/or your lovers and friends:

- wedding or civil ceremony flower total - this is huge if you have a wedding already booked with Eothen for next year!

- a gift flower order for delivery - VDAY 2016, do it right!

- workshops and classes

- private workshops

- studio rental for your next event

- towards delivery and/or installation service

- creative consultation

- last minute winter holiday gift idea!!

The horizon is wide open, beautiful people. Upon purchase, you will receive a digital gift card via email, or you can select to receive a hardcopy mailed free of charge. Each gift card will have unique ID number we'll keep in our records for reference and for always.

THE OTHER SIDE: Questions? Email me, katie[at]eothenfloral[dot]com. I'd be thrilled to talk about how much I want us to do, and how badly I want to do it.

THE ALTERNATIVE: If you are ready and willing, but a gift card isn't your thing, there is the option to donate and make me feel even luckier, and more fortunate, than I already am.