Fly Golden Eagle


Biggest wedding of the year for Choo this weekend. A dozen of v import things that need to go down before Saturday at 5pm. I'm dickin around on my playlists/photoshop/Tumblr at 11:41PM. Who's looking at Tumblr? Did anyone see where I put down my library card?

I made this arrangement last Friday for a lovely man who sends flowers to his lovely fianceé from all over the world, depending on where he/she happens to be. Fillies, (Clematis worth more than the denim I'm wearing), and weeds, (Velvetleaf that may very well do to freeway meridians as kudzu hath done to meridians of highways). Pairing them makes me a little nervous and a bit of a charlatan, but I keep getting told I need to push my own look, my own style. Develop something that isn't out there, because we're all looking at the same shit and we're all beyond bored. I better go look on Tumblr for some inspo.

For the record - I am NOT. BORED.

It's a New Moon. The Valley is burning, and it smells like rain.