The Peach Kings

If you watched the vid below and was like, "And you're" it's well-merited. I dashed this up then was on the run, on the SPRINT, for the entirety of March. This is the very first day I've sat down to try to expense a receipt, or stare blindly at salestaxforeignlanguage in weeks. As the word "demure" frequently comes to mind when I'm honestly assessing my productivity traits, I'm avoiding the expense reports and writing about this Babe Club instead. And may the record show I'm fourth in on the left.

Christy, founder of LOHO, and I met last January on a styled shoot for Geraldine Magazine. I'm going to really go deep on what this chick means to me on a later posts that features a lot of flowers and a lot of ridiculously attractive party-goers. Dangling that carrot now so you check back later.

The premise for this shoot was to capture LOHO's cannon of designers in a simple studio setting, looks modeled by C's dear friend and the owner of the best cheekbones in the Bay Area, Lindsay Van Cantfort. Beautiful, yep. Badass, authentic, and totally real, yep. Can't hate her if you tried.

You will be unsurprised to learn that LVC is just one of C's group of spectacular women she's close with. Textile designers, entrepreneurs, ballerinas, stylists, on and on. And they all hang out together ALL THE TIME, spinning vortexes of inspiration and femme'y power. It's like the Cool Girl clique in high school, only they actually say hi to you and let you sit at their cafeteria table at lunch - only lunch is champagne and Hot Chip is playing over the loudspeaker. You get the idea.

So, at the end of an easy day on-set - the Babe Club gathers and starts to play dress-up. C had picked out a dress for each, including me (!), and wanted us around her like planets on orbit to show who LOHO's "girl" is. A hour's haze of white silk, taffeta, lace and tulle and we assemble in front of the camera. The result; Gold&Gumption's rocking video, loads of photos captured by Anna-Alexia and an evening where I counted myself amongst the Swans.