Accepting inquires for 2019 and 2020 weddings within the Central Coast and beyond. Travel packages will be customized in accordance with what is required to make your dream florals happen, so let's talk about it!

COLLABORATION | our full-service wedding work begins at a 4500 minimum that includes flowers, service and installation. Our most inclusive package takes all your inspiration images and vocalized vision to heart. Totally customizable and best for clients who want a variety of arrangements created, delivered and installed at the event site. Pieces range from the essentials, such as personal flowers and centerpieces, up to large scale installs such as arch build/deĢcor and suspended pieces.

TRUST | an Eothen creative carte blanche option. If our work deeply resonates but there are budgetary constraints, we'll gladly create your wedding flowers from what is seasonally best and most beautiful at the time of your wedding - while staying in alignment with your logistics and budget. In exchange for your trust in our choice of palette and design, there is no minimum and, in exchange for your trust in us - we offer a 10% discount on your flower total. 

In the microcosm of your planning, this is the equivalent of just giving it up to the Universe and trusting in the process.


  • sharing influential details; such as imagery of your dress, paper suite and venue.

  • telling us the whole, wonderful story of who you are as a couple and why you want to be married. informs vibe!

  • up to three versions of major changes to your proposal.

  • letting our team choose what's best and most beautiful within the season of your wedding.

  • relaxing into the process.


  • sending multiple Pinterest boards or sourced content.

  • multiple consultations where creative concepts are developed or brainstorming happens. informs boundaries!

  • extensive versioning of your proposal, (five or more).

  • must-have flowers or requirements of certain varieties or colors.

  • anxiety over the process.


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